Dear Glenn,

Just a note to thank you for your excellent home inspection. I appreciated your knowledge and professionalism. Thank you also for the bound copy of the inspection report. I will highly recommend you! And that picture will always be my first documented home photo and smile!

Thanks again,


Thanks Glenn, it was nice doing this with you. Unlike other inspectors I've worked with in the past, you do a thorough job and know what you're talking about. I appreciate the report and time, and please call us anytime.

Michael T. Waldrop

Vice President

McCree, Inc. - Designed and Built Right

Hey Glenn...thanks so much for a great job and I will be reviewing your report later today.....My dad will probably call you in the next few days - and we really appreciate any referrals we can use from you.

It will be great working with you in the future, pleasure meeting you.

Talk to you soon,


Puleo Investment Group

Real Estate Acquisitions

Dear Glenn,

I wanted to thank you for the very thorough and impressive job you did recently inspecting the home we had considered purchasing on Lionheart Road in Winter Park. Your friendly demeanor and explanations were calming during the stressful time of home buying. That you also, for recommending Steve Holbrook, who did an excellent job as well. You may have gained a customer with the sellers, and we can assure that we would not hesitate to call upon you again, and recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection.


Cynthia Blankenship

By the way, the inspection report you provided us with for Tulane was "awesome". Great job. Very thorough and easy to read/follow. Appreciate your time and efforts. Talk to you soon.

Les Karel

Glen, I have not got a chance to thank you for the inspection you did for me, so I wanted to thank you personally instead of through a third party. Thank you so much for your help in the most important investment of my life. I received your inspection report and it was so professional and very easy to understand. I appreciate that.
I did receive your package in the mail the other day and your invoice for the inspection of $250, I will be mailing a check to you the beginning of next week. I appreciate all your hard work, I could not have asked for a better job. Thanks again.

Denise Ramos

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